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Specific Applications:

Papers and Case Histories

Geophysical Prospecting Methods
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:16k]

Fluid Flow Mapping at a Copper Leaching Operation in Arizona
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:1757k]

Improved near surface mapping in groundwater studies:
Application of fast sampling time domain EM surveying methods
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:684k]

Early-Time, Multi-Component Mobile TEM for Deep Metal Detection
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:1383k]

Environmental Applications of High Resolution TEM Methods
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:546k]


Buried landfill delineation with Induced Polarization: progress and problems
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:591k]

Induced Polarization: Buried Landfill Delineation
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:1331k]

Rio Nuevo North: Buried Landfill Delineation with IP
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:10,108k]

Extremely fast IP used to delineate buried landfills
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:489k]

INEL Multicomponent NanoTEM data
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:577k]

Poster: Induced Polarization: Buried Landfill Delineation
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:602k]

Poster: Induced Polarization for Landfill Delineation: Advantages and Improvements
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:1498k]

Poster: Buried Waste Characterization: Soil Thickness, Vertical and Lateral Resolution
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:279k]

Down In The Dumps:
Landfill Characterization with an Extremely Fast IP Method
SAGEEP Workshop Workbook
[Abstract]  [PDF_1:737k]  [PDF_2:2609k]  [PDF_3:1229k]
[PDF_4:1168k]  [PDF_5:729k]  [PDF_6:535k]  [PDF_7:2389k]

UneXploded Ordnance (UXO)

Target Prioritization In TEM Surveys For Sub-Surface UXO Investigations Using Response Amplitude, Decay Curve Slope, Signal To Noise Ratio, And Spatial Match Filtering
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:85k]

Fast TEM for UXO mapping at Gambell, Saint Lawrence Island, Alaska
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:514k]

Physics based characterization of UXO from multicomponent TEM data
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:506k]

Possibilities for UXO classification using characteristic modes of the broad band electromagnetic induction resistivity
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:2352k]

Imaging UXO Using Electrical Impedance Tomography
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:489k]

Model-Based UXO Classification Based On Static 3-Component TEM Measurements
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:433k]

UXO Classification using characteristic modes of the broadband electromagnetic induction response
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:1182k]

The Utility Of Horizontal Component Measurements In Random-Walk TEM Surveys
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:505k]

Poster: Improved Methods for Detection and Classification of UXO Using Broadband Transient Electromagnetic Techniques
[Abstract]  [Panel_1 PDF:732k]  [Panel_2 PDF:1009k]  [Panel_3 PDF:244k]

Poster: Demonstrations of a Fast 4D TEM System for UXO Characterization
[Abstract]  [Panel_1 PDF:1814k]  [Panel_2 PDF:1929k]  [Panel_3 PDF:2484k]


Instream NanoTEM: providing increased resolution to stream salinisation and floodplain processes along the river Murray, southeast Australia
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:2252k]

River sediment salt-load detection using a water-borne transient electromagnetic system
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:729k]

Continuous Resistivity profiling in shallow marine and fresh water environments
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:1829k]

Application of Continuous Resistivity Profiling to Aquifer Characterization
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:2664k]

Streamer Resistivity Surveys In Delmarva Coastal Bays
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:2858k]

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