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Zonge is a full-service resource providing professional geophysical services to project managers, engineers, and consultants at exploration companies, government agencies, engineering firms, design-to-build contractors and other organizations.

Full-service, personalized support

  • Geophysics consulting and survey design
  • Acquisition, processing, modeling and interpretation of geophysical data – all or any part of the process required
  • Customized EM instruments, development, and training

Exploration geophysical services

  • Comprehensive ground capabilities for minerals and geothermal exploration
  • Multi-station, remote reference MT for deeper mining, geothermal and petroleum applications
  • Acquisition and joint interpretation of EM, seismic, gravity, potential-field and magnetics data
  • Rock properties laboratory testing
  • Worldwide deployment

Engineering geophysical services

  • Non-intrusive methods for mapping the integrity of dams, levees, bridges, mine tailings and impoundment structures
  • Mapping depth to bedrock and providing elastic properties of the subsurface for engineering design
  • 3D seismic refraction and reflection models of ore bodies and petroleum reservoirs
  • Locating abandoned mines, wells and landfill extents
  • Geophysics for wind-turbine generator foundation design

Environmental geophysical services

  • Geophysical services for groundwater exploration and resource management
  • AMT/CSAMT surveys for mining and groundwater applications
  • Time-lapse monitoring of contaminant migration, mine sites, CO2 sequestration, levee seepage and other hazards
  • UXO detection and discrimination

Methods and equipment used are determined by your needs.

Project targets, budgets and objectives vary greatly and our proposed methods and solutions vary accordingly. We also welcome opportunities to field test and develop new applications for methods of scientifically demonstrated value.

Call us at 1-800-523-9913 (U.S.) or email for more information.

2012 Statement of Qualifications. [Paper PDF:5196k]

Instrument Systems brochure. [Paper PDF:6768k]

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