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Field surveys

Differing targets require differing surveys, depending on depth and resistivity.

A Single Receiver Handles Routine and Special Surveys

Zonge has adapted its instrument systems to conduct electrical and EM surveys for a wide range of engineering, environmental, and research applications. A hallmark of the Zonge GDP receiver, indeed perhaps its most significant feature, is its multi-function capability. When paired with an appropriate transmitter, the receiver is applicable to a variety of survey methods. Moreover, the functionality of the GDP receiver is constantly being expanded with special purpose measuring software.

Applications for Electrical Geophysics

The links of the left illustrate the specific equipment used for a variety of Electrical or EM Survey applications.

These configurations are also included in the Instrument Systems brochure, for which a link is included at the bottom of this page (large file!). Individual instrument pages include a link to this file as well as the specific brochure for that instrument.

Instrument systems

Instrument Systems brochure. [Specs PDF:6768k]

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