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Zonge International serves geoscientists and engineers worldwide with geophysical field services, tools and expertise for the successful use of geophysics in solving real-world problems.

Introducing 32-bit Wireless EM and Wireless Seismic!

We’ve barely begun to tap the potential of Zonge’s newly-released ZEN High-Res Receiver. Our 32-bit ADC, multi-function receiver enables a truly distributed, high-resolution EM acquisition network that delivers extraordinary data in a wide range of applications.

To deliver the advantages of cost-effective seismic data acquisition in environmentally-sensitive areas and in areas requiring low-public-profile surveys, Zonge International was the first services contractor to make the leap to real-time, wireless seismic data acquisition with the purchase of two RT 1000 systems, manufactured by Wireless Seismic, Inc.

Email Zonge to ask how you and your organization can benefit from the newest technology.

2012 marks Zonge’s 40th anniversary having pioneered the development of electrical and EM methods in the 1970's. Our reputation for delivering accurate, dependable data was built on complex resistivity (spectral IP) investigations for mineral resources.

Today, Zonge crews and geophysicists perform hundreds of projects each year involving seismic, potential field, gravity and other surveys in addition to the many electrical methods that we helped to establish.

Zonge is a full-service resource providing personalized support. In-house expertise covers the spectrum of exploration, engineering and environmental applications. Methods and equipment used are determined by your needs, budget and target.

Zonge instruments are continuously improved to meet the needs of our diverse and discriminating field services groups. As a result, Zonge develops and supports the most versatile electrical and EM acquisition systems commercially available in the world today. If you are an acquisition contractor looking to make an equipment investment with maximum potential usage, you will find it in a Zonge system.

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