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Zonge has extensive experience in the use of seismic methods for solving complex geological and engineering problems. Seismic data is regularly used to provide insight fundamental to successful engineering projects and exploration outcomes.

Near-surface and Deep Seismic Services

  • Reflection seismic data acquisition and processing
  • Refraction seismic data acquisition and processing
  • Surface wave seismic data acquisition and processing
  • Management of seismic data processing and modeling
  • Interpretation to solve engineering problems, minerals exploration problems, and to find petroleum deposits
  • Combined interpretation of seismic with EM and other data sets
  • Layer-based and 3D tomographic seismic data models incorporating borehole and ground-truth data

Applications of Reflection, Refraction and Surface-wave Seismic Methods

  • Geologic structure and lithology mapping to identify mineralized zones, prospective structures, coal-resource quantities or petroleum deposits
  • Seismic class analysis (Vs30m or Vs100’) for critical structures
  • Buried bedrock channel mapping to trace hazardous waste plumes
  • Depth to bedrock in noisy conditions (on Interstate Highway) using surface-wave methods
  • Wind turbine generator foundation design
  • Imaging of soft soils and slide planes of active landslides
  • Mapping depth to bedrock and providing elastic properties of levees, dams and spillways for engineering design
  • 3D refraction and surface-wave models to calculate all elastic constants
  • Combined interpretation of reflection and CSAMT for water supply drilling targets

Scalability, Efficiency and Quality Control
Advantages of Zonge Seismic Equipment

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