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Seismic Equipment

Zonge International expanded its seismic data acquisition capabilities for both engineering and exploration clients with major equipment investments in 2011.

To deliver the advantages of cost-effective seismic data acquisition in environmentally-sensitive areas and in areas requiring low-public-profile surveys, Zonge became the first services contractor to make the leap to real-time, wireless seismic data acquisition with the purchase of two RT 1000 systems, manufactured by Wireless Seismic, Inc.

In addition, Zonge has invested in a new AFP450 manufactured by US Alliance, a ruggedized, track-mounted, impulsive seismic source perfectly suited for conducting groundwater, geothermal, minerals, and oil-and-gas exploration in the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountain Region.

Scalability, Efficiency and Quality Control

  • The real-time communication allows the observer to validate each stack and mitigate noise problems or bad channels immediately.
  • With a high channel count and NO cables Zonge can economically manage large-scale 2D and 3D shoots with hundreds of feet between groups or easily scale down for detailed geotechnical projects.
  • Wireless, radio-controlled communication between the system software, seismic source, and the geophones enables us to conduct low-profile surveys with almost no impact on landowners.
  • With the AFP450 and RT 1000 software, Zonge operators can change the source strength by adjusting the pressure of the nitrogen spring on the hammer. We have acquired excellent data to 10,000 feet below ground surface.
  • Real-time viewing of each shot provides excellent quality control in the field at each step of data collection.

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