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Field Surveys


Controlled-Source Audio-Frequency Magneto-Telluric


ZMG VR-1 GDP-32ii GGT XMT-32 ANT/6

Each equipment box in the diagram above is linked to the corresponding specification file.


  • Mining Exploration
  • Petroleum Exploration
  • In Situ Leaching
  • Heap Leach Monitoring
  • Geothermal Exploration
  • Groundwater Exploration

Papers and Case Histories

Introduction to CSAMT
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:103k]

CSAMT Case Study: Los Olivos Project, Valle de Olivos, Chihuahua
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:1219k]

CSAMT Geophysical Exploration in the Vicinity of the IMMSA Mine at Taxco
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:13,631k]

Wadi Almarsad Project: Comparison of Dipole-Dipole IP/Resistivity and CSAMT Results
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:2580k]

Structure mapping at Trap Spring Oilfield, Nevada, using controlled-source magnetotellurics
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:2087k]

Fluid Flow Mapping at a Copper Leaching Operation in Arizona
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:1757k]

The Inversion of Magnetotelluric Data and the Elimination of Topographic Effects Through Modeling
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:1215k]

Poster: CSAMT: High Resolution Resistivity Sounding
[Abstract]  [Paper PDF:89k]

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