Physical Properties of Ore Minerals

Table 7. Triclinic Crystal Class

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Minerals are arranged alphabetically by space group (Schoenflies symbol).

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Mineral NameCompositionSpace GroupResistivity (ohm-m)Dielectric PermittivityCharge Separation PhenomenaCurie Temp. °CMagnetic Properties k×10-6cgsOptical PropertiesR %Comments
10-6 to 1
ferroelectric ??
<700paramagneticsome anomalous anisotropism.54.2Also shown as cubic, space group T4.
ChalcophaniteZnMn3O7·3H2O?Ci1  ferroelectric ??  very strong pleochroism, extreme anisotropy and bireflectance, extreme birefringence.Ro-9.9
Optical effects compare with molybdenite and graphite.

Ore Minerals - 29 JAN 1997

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